E-communication by image is the promotion of the brand’s products on social networks and other communication media. There is no better way to create value and boost a company’s visual identity than through images. The image, which is inherently more interactive, allows for comments to be generated and therefore encourages interaction, provided that the image is of high quality.

Developing an image in line with your values is very important. Creating a visual universe around your brand, your products or your values must be part of your communication plan. By using a web agency with proven graphic design skills, you can create a graphic charter that corresponds to your brand image and conveys your values for a Smart Seo MARKETING.

At the service of the
visual communication

A logo, like a picture,
is worth a thousand words.



With digital solutions and different web technologies, using social networks to sell your products is proving to be a very effective solution.

In order to promote your e-shop or even to distribute promotional gifts, you need to think about well-targeted advertising. E-advertising is booming.

It is currently impossible to have an online business without e-mailing. It’s an excellent channel to considerably increase your revenues.



Influence marketing has gained its place as a powerful strategy that allows companies to gain visibility, notoriety and sales development. Internet users rely on the opinions of influencers to boost brand awareness. TARGETED INTERNET MARKETING offers a solid ROI, when you spend, you are sure to get results for the benefit of your brand.

Influence marketing is about finding and engaging the people who generate high-impact conversations with your customers. It is possible to subscribe to an influence marketing platform to facilitate decision making through data analysis, improve your impact by helping you choose the most relevant content and promote interaction with your customers.




Your logo represents the main image of your company. It is important that it is of very good quality and a major attraction. The logo must speak to your customers and above all, it must mark their minds by circulating a message.


From minimalist design to emotional design, from image or video masks to exotic navigation and micro-interactions, don’t lose sight of the latest web marketing trends of the current year.


The content of a website is the key piece of your communication on the internet. The magic recipe for better visibility is to offer Internet users quality web content. A perfect content must follow your theme.

Mobile phones, e-money, 3D printers and augmented reality are techniques that are revolutionising the way products and services are sold online.

Mobile development must be at the service of marketing. Mobile applications must adapt to new strategies in mobile marketing to attract customers.

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