Who has never had to do a search on the net before buying a product? We've all or almost all done it at one time or another. And, of course, it's the first results displayed that win our clicks. All this leads us to say that any company that wants to gain notoriety must be well referenced on the web. And that's precisely where paid referencing, also known as SEA, comes in handy. Discover in this section our good advice for setting up an SEA strategy.

Tip n°1: target your Internet users well with paid referencing

Unlike SEO, which requires a lot of work, AES is very easy to set up. And in that sense, to improve its visibility on the web and reduce its costs, a relevant strategy must be deployed. A good ATS strategy starts with targeting the people who are likely to buy your service or product. This step is crucial. So don't skip it. Remember that the art of ATS is to reach customers who may need what your company offers. If you sell a specific product, it is therefore imperative to find a niche to launch your business on the net. For Google paid referencing, you have the possibility to choose where your ads will be displayed.

Tip n°2 : pay great attention to your keywords in SEA

If you wish to see your ads on the first page of search engine results, remember to select your keywords carefully. This is an important criterion for your paid referencing. Very often, we rely on generic terms. We tell ourselves that with common keywords, we have a better chance to have a better visibility. This is quite logical, but in practice, this maneuver can quickly prove counterproductive for your company. Most of the time, these keywords are saturated. You may soon find yourself facing strong competition. In order to stand out from the crowd, choose longer and much more precise keywords for your AES. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to occupy a niche where the competition is relatively weaker. Note that with a more precise term, you can be almost certain to get in touch with serious customers.

Tip 3: Eliminate unnecessary parameters in your ASP strategy

Knowing the nature of its products and services in ATS allows you to ensure good visibility of your company on search engines. This is all the more telling with Google paid referencing. Thus, in your SEA strategy, it is better to exclude searches related to what your company offers, but which in the end have nothing to do with it. This will allow you to minimize your costs. For example, if you are a sports editor and only in the field of sports, then you should think about eliminating fashion and travel writing type searches.