The implementation of a content strategy will enable you to strengthen your company's positioning on specific themes. It offers you more visibility on the different search engines and attracts more Internet users. Deploying a relevant content strategy ensures consistency between the pillars of communication such as social media, website or others. This article explains how to implement a content strategy.

Developing a strategy and adapting it to the needs of your targets

The first thing to do to implement a content strategy is to determine the objective to be achieved. It is essential to quickly define the goals of the site in order to know what the targeted return on investment is. Once the goals have been defined, you must then understand the needs of your targets. The best way to do this is to represent them as a person with a real identity. Therefore, they have specific habits, needs and questions. Determine their fears and find the best way to respond to them. These answers will then constitute the information on the sections of the site or appear in the news. It is also important to study analytical websites to define needs because it allows you to determine the most popular keywords and trend searches.

Determining content and deploying the strategy

Each medium has a target audience and a communication objective. The media must meet the needs of the target audience. It is according to the objective that you can define which tone to use on the content you are going to publish and under which angel to approach them. In any case, the contents must be structured from a model for a site's adherence. Once the contents have been determined, they must then be placed on an editorial calendar. This makes it possible to anticipate future themes, topics and future editing. The editorial calendar can also serve as a maintenance plan and can contain indicators such as the number of impressions, sharing actions and comments.

Improving the editorial strategy and arranging editorial governance

To improve your editorial strategy, you can rely on Web Analytics, as they can improve pages that have a high bounce rate or the least viewed, highlight the most viewed and adapt publications according to traffic peaks. Often, the implementation of a sustainable editorial circuit in the company is necessary to collect, shape, correct and put information online. It may also sometimes be necessary to ask external resources to do the editorial as well as the multimedia elements and to call upon agencies or freelance service providers.