Having a website has become a real asset for companies and individuals. It is now easy to create one. It is even possible to create one yourself. But what to choose between creating your website yourself and free of charge or calling on a web design agency? Follow in this article the answer. But before answering this question, discover the importance of creating a website.

Is the creation of a website important?

Indeed, getting a website today makes sense for individuals or companies. The website provides not only visibility, but also a space where demand and supply meet to manage business. If you are planning to design your website, it is strongly recommended that you set the goals you want to achieve. In case you want to go digital, it is best to do so for a very clear reason. No matter whether you are creating your website to improve your notoriety, to get new customers, to inform online or to sell your services and products, it is always essential to define your goals. In particular, they must be measurable, clear and supported by an effective strategy. Designing your website therefore requires specific skills. This can become a headache for those who do not have the required quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of creating a free website

In recent years, several online sites have had the idea of creating their own website. The advantage of this option is that it is free of charge and doesn't cost a sum of money. In a few clicks, your website is created. However, the platforms only allow you to create a site designed quickly, without any strategy to keep it. Moreover, in the general case, free website creations are not complete in terms of functionalities. Depending on the platform, the name of your domain can be a sub-domain to your site. You may not have a responsive design (know that this is very important today), and your website may not be optimized for SEO.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an agency to create a website

Using a web agency to create your website has many advantages. Professionals in this business help you on the communication strategy so that it better suits your objectives. The agency will choose the essential keywords to make your SEO more effective. With a specialist, you can have a responsive website design, in your image as well as with an exemplary experience and good ergonomics. He can also help you to update your content such as writing articles on your blogs... By using a web agency, you will benefit from a performing website, which will give your business or company a professional image while increasing your turnover and visibility. The one and only drawback is that you have to pay money to the agency.