Digital business is a term that can touch many areas. It can be considered as the set of elements transmitted and managed by electronic and digital means. This type of business is generally carried out on the Internet. It is also often associated with online marketing. The details!

What is included in digital business?

First of all, digital business can include many elements. Simply put, everything that is associated with digital and that can contribute something in terms of business management is included in e-business or digital business. Consequently, a company is e-business when it exchanges information such as data on digital media such as screens. This kind of business also fits into the processes included in the value chain. In other words, it can cover everything from e-procurement, supply chain management, partner exchanges to online customer service. In addition, digital business has also been created to facilitate exchanges with other companies or customers.

So what are the different categories of digital business?

There are many different types of digital business and they are generally classified according to the type of use that companies want to make of them. There are B2B, B2C, C2C, B2E, G2B and G2C as well as A2A. B2B serves as an online communication between one company and another. B2C, on the other hand, consists mainly of selling products on Internet platforms. C2C is communication between two individuals who want to do business together. B2E is the link between managers and employees. G2B connects government and corporations. And through G2C, the government can also get in touch with citizens. A2A, on the other hand, connects the different administrations.

Digital business and new technologies

New forms of digital business can now be used, such as crowdsourcing or crowdfunding, to further improve the use of digital media in business and marketing. Especially since, as you probably know, new technologies are very useful nowadays and therefore it is always better to make the most of them. This is what companies are doing by revolutionizing their means of communication again and again to improve their services on the internet and across screens. Moreover, nowadays, companies need e-business for everything that happens online, such as value chain processes. The digital business must therefore always keep up with the digital evolution.