Owning a website is totally fine, but it's just to do like any other person, it's useless. It is indeed supposed to respond to goals defined beforehand. In fact, creating a recipe for a good website requires an investment in money and time. It is therefore preferable to use the necessary time to think about it.

Your site must meet your objectives

Before starting your website, it is essential to ask yourself the best questions: how can you satisfy the requirements of Internet users? What are your priority targets interested in? Who is this site for then? And what would be your main objectives? Note that this incomplete list of questions is an ideal starting point to make your website. Indeed, it must be practical, functional, useful and consistent with the expectations of your defined objective and your targets. Besides that, the ingredients to make a better recipe are diverse. To have the best SEO of your website, it's similar, it all starts with an excellent preparation thanks to a better recipe for a good website: correctly chosen keywords, particularly adapted to the requirements of the person who asks you and your main communication objectives. A recent article to come on this topic...

 Your site is supposed to be visible and optimized for the following media

To become effective, your site must be visible, especially to Google. Indeed, it generates 90% of the explorations in France. In order to please it and satisfy the requirements of Internet users, it is important to create a recipe for a good website in the vicinity of adapted keywords related to your business: news blog, e-commerce and institutional site ... specify your area of expertise and exercise it effectively. Know that the subjects of your website will be studied by the Google search engine and will be almost referenced according to their quality. Your homepage must therefore be simple and clear. Your contents must be readable and your menus intuitive.

Your site must be pleasant

In order to attract many users, your website has to be pleasant to navigate and pleasing to the eye.  Do not skimp on the generic ergonomics of the site, nor on the quality of the visuals used. A particular focus is supposed to be given to the option of typography and colours, which are also taken into account. Be sure to have your friends and family try out your main version and don't hesitate to assume that you are a normal user. And finally, keep in mind the loading speed of your web, which has to be fast to make navigation easy and to be properly referenced in Google.